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Guns N' Bitcoin: Twitter Spaces with @Ragnarly & @econoalchemist
By Guns N' Bitcoin November 23, 2021
-Bitcoin self custody
-Bitcoin as a permissionless tool
-The April 2022 Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Conference in Miami


Blue Collar Plebcast: Bitcoin Home Mining with @BITCOIN_RAIL, @RoninMiner, @lc_hodl2 & @econoalchemist
By Blue Collar Plebcast October 17, 2021
-Mining setups
-Life lessons
-We also talk work, family, inflation and more


Compass Mining Panel Discussion: Bitcoin Home Mining Solutions with @BitcoinCoderBob, @missaghi, @BITCOIN_RAIL, @CaliInKansas, & @econoalchemist
By Compass Mining:  @zakvoell & @wsfoxley October 6, 2021
-Solutions to home mining obstacles

Oslo Freedom Forum Presentation: Bitcoin Home Mining Overview with @econoalchemist
By The Human Rights Foundation during the Bitcoin Academy in Miami, FL USA October 5, 2021
-False Narratives
-Why is mining at home sensible
-What is an ASIC
-How to buy an ASIC
-Infrastructure requirements
-Connecting to a mining pool

Presentation starts at 03:03:52

Citadel Dispatch e0.3.1: Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining with @Diverter_NoKYC @RoninMiner & @econoalchemist
By Matt Odell
-Sourcing an ASIC
-Infrastructure; Electrical, Noise, & Ventilation
-Hosted Mining
-non-KYC Dollar Cost Averaging through the utility bill

DirtCoin Diaries #7: Slingin' Hash
By Christopher Carrion
-Diverter_NoKYC & Econoalchemist tag team.
-How to mine bitcoin at home.
-What to avoid.
-Mitigating heat & noise.

DirtCoin Diaries #7 - After Hours: Slingin' Hash
By Christopher Carrion
-Diverter_NoKYC & Econoalchemist tag team.
-Audience participation.
-Open discussion.

TotalBitcoin #176: Bisq Tutorial for Bitcoin Beginners

By Keyvan Davani

-Buying mom-KYC bitcoin at an ATM.

-Basic set up for Bisq.

-How to secure your seed phrase.

-How to place a trade.

DirtCoin Diaries #6: Cahoots Camp
By Christopher Carrion
-How to spend bitcoin more privately.
-What are Cahoots Stowaway, Stonewall, & StonewallX2.
-Why is privacy important?

DirtCoin Diaries #6 - After Hours: Cahoots Camp
By Christopher Carrion
-Audience participation.
-Open discussion.

TotalBitcoin #171: Sparrow Wallet Tutorial for Bitcoin Beginners

By Keyvan Davani

-Basic set up for Sparrow Wallet.

-How to secure your seed phrase

-How to receive & send bitcoin.

CitizenHush: Bitcoin, Liberty, & Financial Tyranny 

By @citizenhush

-Bitcoin basics.

-Parallels between gun ownership & Bitcoin self-custody.

-KYC vs. non-KYC.

TotalBitcoin #164: BlueWallet Tutorial for Bitcoin Beginners

By Keyvan Davani

-Basic set up for Blue Wallet.

-How to secure your seed phrase

-How to receive & send bitcoin.

TotalBitcoin #161: Samourai Wallet Tutorial for Bitcoin Beginners

By Keyvan Davani

-The importance of self-custody & the dangers of KYC.

-Basic set up for Samourai Wallet.

-How to secure your seed phrase

-How to receive & send bitcoin.

My Bitcoin Story #07: Econoalchemist on Mining Non-KYC Bitcoin at your homes

By Dea Rezkitha

Econoalchemist is a Bitcoin enthusiast who advocates for self custody, censorship resistance, CoinJoins, and privacy. In this episode, we talked about how to mine non-KYC Bitcoin at home, the danger of KYC, and tips about mining bitcoin for noobs.

View more sources at Dea's Anchor page here.

Citadel Dispatch e0.1.0: Bitcoin Self Custody, Security, and Privacy w/ @craigraw & @econoalchemist

By Matt Odell

-Bitcoin Wallets

-Self Custody


-Mining at home

Guns N' Bitcoin Newsletter: Silent Auction & Loud Bitcoin Mining at Home.

By Ragnar

Only seven weeks until Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021! Last week we announced a new speaker for the conference, Econoalchemist. He writes Bitcoin related guides and tutorials with a focus on self-custody, censorship resistance, and privacy. His guide, Home mining for non-KYC Bitcoin is especially impressive, so we invited Econoalchemist to present it at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021.

Follow this link to read the whole article Q&A on the Guns N' Bitcoin website.

Bit-Buy-Bit EP61: Bitcoin Podcast with @econoalchemist

By Max

I speak to Econoalchemist about how he found bitcoin and what has pushed him to make such comprehensive and helpful guides. We discus cold storage, multisig, self custody and the importance of no KYC.

Follow this link to listen on the Bit Buy Bit website.

The Bitcoin Path #8: Burn the Bridge With Self Custody

By Jon Chenot

-What inspired him to focus so much on bitcoin self-custody and censorship resistance.

-What he thinks about coin-joining KYC (Know Your Customer) bitcoin.

-Why he is an avid user and proponent of samurai wallet.

-Outlining the process of self custody for a new-coiner.

-I also ask about some recommendations he would have for someone moving to a mobile lifestyle to secure their bitcoin.

TotalBitcoin #133: Fiat Money has been a Catastrophic Experiment. Bitcoin is Monetary Evolution.

By Keyvan Davani

-History of repeatedly failed and catastrophic Fiat


-Criminality of Central Banks

-Self-Custody, Privacy & Censorship Resistance

-KYC, Exchanges & Custodial Institutions

-Bitcoin is Black Market Money -CBDCs / full blown tyranny & surveillance

-Monetary Evolution and Mass Adoption of Bitcoin

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