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3D printed Bitcoin grenades & tannerite, an explosive combination.

3D printed Bitcoin Grenades from @CryptoCloaks are works of art, we wanted to capture some slow motion footage of them in action, exploding as grenades are meant to do.

This project started after I posted the thread on shooting the SeedPlates with multiple caliber rounds and filming it in slow motion. That thread was posted here.

@CryptoCloaks had asked me if we would be interested in doing a similar project with the 3D printed grenades, and that sounded like a lot of fun so we agreed. Immediately, I knew that it would be cool to get some tannerite, pack the grenades full of the explosive powder, and shoot them for the maximum results. A few weeks later I received the grenades by mail and I was surprised at the quality and accuracy of the 3D printing. This was the first time I had a 3D printed object in my possession, so I didn't really know what to expect but it was fascinating to me to see all the fine detail up close and imagine how the 3D printer did it.

Tannerite + guns + 3D printed grenades = a damn good time. @CryptoCloaks makes awesome 3D printed Bitcoin accessories. We packed some of them with explosive powder and captured the carnage on video.

The Bitcoin Grenades are 3D printed works of art made to hold an @OPENDIME or two. They are available in many color combinations along with other high quality 3D printed cases, jigs, & more in the @CryptoCloaks shop.

The grenades were packed full of tannerite, a pellet/powder mixture that detonates on high velocity impact. Then the lids on the grenades were super-glued shut to help maximize combustion. The detonations were made using 7.62x39 & .44 caliber bullets.

Here is the video demonstrating the detonation of @CryptoCloaks Bitcoin Grenades packed with tannerite.

@CryptoCloaks makes more in addition to Bitcoin Grenades. Check them out to see all their cool 3D printed stuff. This was my first exposure to the world of 3D printing & I'm excited to see what the future has in store. I'll be doing a thread with this @blockmit_com jig soon.

Huge shout out to @CryptoCloaks for the Bitcoin Grenades. Also I owe my buddy @waleehoohaa a YUGE debt of gratitude for recording & editing the video. The hi-resolution video can be found at the link below. Cheers!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you check out what they're printing at the @CryptoCloaks shop. They making some really cool Single Board Computer Bitcoin node cases right now that you should definitely check out if you want to run your own node. If you are curious on where to start with running your own node, check out this incredible resource that @BitcoinQ_A just put together:

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