Welcome to the Econoalchemist blog!

This blog is focused on bringing you articles about interacting with Bitcoin. The emphasis is on self custody, censorship resistance, CoinJoins, and privacy. Overreaching government regulations coupled with invasive chain-analysis have threatened the permission-less state of Bitcoin as well as the rights & privacy of those who use it. I believe that well informed people make good decisions and I aim to share my knowledge, techniques, & perspectives on interacting with Bitcoin in a way that helps maintain it's censorship resistant properties. I hope that you find some information here thought provoking and that it may prevent you from losing full, unrestricted control over your bitcoin. I am not an expert, but I am an open book.  


My content always has been and always will be free. I don't support advertisers or subscriptions on this site. It pisses me off when an advertisement interrupts or distracts me from the information I'm trying to absorb, and I want to treat my readers how I want to be treated; uninterrupted so I can concentrate. I am not paid for my opinions. At my discretion, I may be paid for my time for certain content. If you feel so inclined, visit the Donation page and leave me a tip. It is greatly appreciated and helps me prioritize these efforts.   

In this blog, you will find articles on how to use various Bitcoin wallets, privacy enhancing techniques, methods of self custody, my perspective on industry developments, and more. 


You will not find trading advice, technical charts, or discussions of price action here. I focus on communicating information that can help you secure Bitcoin as an unstoppable medium of exchange and how to use it in a privacy preserving way.